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MembeR's Gallery Information

Housed within the walls of the Museum of the Arts is the Highlands Art League Member's Gallery.

Now located in an historic home at 1971 Lakeview Dr., Sebring, FL.

You can enjoy and purchase fine art that showcases local artists. The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday10am-2pm,  You may also book a tour appointment outside of gallery hours for group gatherings.


As an Art League Member you may show and sell your art.

See below for more information.

To submit artwork


Highlands Art League


or visit MOTA

1971 Lakeview Dr., Sebring, FL 33870

or email 


Member’s Gallery

Rules and Guidelines

Highlands Art League


  1. Must be a current paid member of the Highlands Art League.

  2. Must have a signed (current year) Consignment Agreement on file.

  3. Must submit an artist bio –– artist statement is optional.

  4. All Art must be for sale

  5. Must follow the following Rules and Guidelines.



Art exchange at MOTA happens approximately once every three months at a time and date that coordinates with MOTA Exhibitions. For the next exchange date please contact the executive director at or 863-385-5312. Artwork will remain hung throughout the hanging period as long as the exhibiting artist is in good standing (paid member). Dues are due in January of each year.



Due to the amount of interest by new members and our limited wall space, the Member’s Gallery will now be juried. A member artist may submit up to five pieces of original art to be considered for the gallery at no cost. A member of the HAL Board of Directors will hang the gallery and will be the final judge on how many and which pieces of the artist’s work will be hung.


  1. Artists who wish their work to be hung for sale in the HAL Member’s Gallery need to bring their work to MOTA on the designated day. Prior to that day we will remove the work that is currently hanging and place it along the walls of the gallery. The artist may choose to replace that work with new work or leave the work to continue to show.

  2. Artists will be contacted if there is artwork that does not make the wall so it can be picked up. MOTA does not have the storage space to hold onto extra artwork.

  3. All art that is exhibited at the Members Gallery must be solely created by the Artist and be under the Artist’s sole copyright. Copies of another artist’s artwork or work created in a class where the student has followed an instructor does not qualify.

  4. A sales commission of 30% will be charged by the Highlands Art League for all exhibited art sold while displayed in the Member’s Gallery. HAL will collect state sales tax and pay those amounts like any other retail business. Payment to artists will be made within the month following the sale.

  5. For safety reasons, plexiglas instead of glass is preferred on artwork larger than 432 square inches (ie: 18” x 24” not counting frame).

  6. All artwork must be delivered with a label attached to the back to include the following:

    • Name of artist

    • Title of work (if any)

    • Medium

    • Contact Information (mailing address, phone, and email address)

    • Retail selling price

  7. When artwork is delivered it must be cataloged by a HAL representative and all work taken from the gallery must be signed out.

  8. In order to keep the gallery looking its best, work submitted to the Members Gallery must not be removed between hanging dates unless it is replaced with a similar size piece by the artist. If a piece sells the artist will be contacted so they can bring a replacement.

  9. All art must exhibit a professional appearance as follows:

    • Art and frames must be in excellent condition without damage. Yellowed or damaged mats or scratched plexiglass will not be hung.

    • All frames must be pre-wired with standard art framing wire (twisted) and ready for hanging. Wires should be attached about 1/3rd down from the top and end about two or three inches from the top.

    • To make hanging easier, wires for a diptychs or tryptic should the same distance from the top. Small, lightweight pieces may be prepared with sawtooth hangers.

    • Large pieces may limit the number of works accepted.

    • Sides of unframed canvases must be painted.

    • Greeting cards made by Members are accepted but must be in a clear transparent sleeve. We reserved the right to limit the number and quality of cards displayed.

  10. Print Bin: Member artists may bring in several prints to be placed and sold in our print bins along with others. Prints for sale must be matted and in clear plastic sleeves. Prints must be delivered with a label attached to the back to include the following:

    • Name of artist

    • Title of work (if any)

    • Medium

    • Retail selling price

  11. By exhibiting art at MOTA the Artist will be deemed to have read this document and have concurred with all the Guidelines and Rules as outlined above.


The Board of Directors, Highlands Art League, Inc.                                       December 2023

Clouds Theme Room

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida through the Division of Arts and Culture and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Highlands Art League is an equal opportunity organization and will not allow discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.

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