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Tree Shadows on Wall

EXHIBIT: Wayne Chunat and John Guiseppi "Fin Fur Feather-Metal & Chrome"
Jan. 14, 2024-Feb. 16, 2024

Central Florida artist John Guiseppi is a self-taught colored pencil artist and photographer. John’s speciality is photographing scenes that are considered outside the norm, and familiar. That could be portraits, wildlife, nature, landscapes, urban scenes, or classic automotive subjects. John also enjoys capturing reflections, details of chrome and various linear designs, then producing a detailed line drawing from his photo reference. John is especially drawn to the classic-era cars, motorcycles, machinery, and old architecture. In cars, it’s those fabulous designs of the 50’s and 60’s. The fins, bumpers, headlights, taillights, ornate dashboards, big steering wheels, and the emblems for each manufacturer of the era, pique his interest most. 


Tampa Regional Artists - 1st Place - Bay Area 16 Exhibition - 2023

International Artists Magazine - 2nd Place - Wildlife Competition - 2022

UKCPS - Highly Commented - 21st Annual Open Exhibition - 2022
St. Augustine Art Association - 1st Place - 2022 Member Honors Exhibition
Tampa Regional Artists - 1st Place - Bay Area 15 Exhibition - 2022
Florida Strawberry Festival 2022 - 1st Place - Professional Graphics
Ridge Art Association - 2nd Place - 72nd Annual Fine Art Exhibition - 2022
Allied Artists of America - Awarded Elected Membership - Online Associates Exhibition - 2022 


Colored Pencil Society of America - 31st International Exhibit - 2023

Artists for Conservation Festival - VanDusen Botanical Garden - Vancouver BC - Canada - 2023 

American Artists Professional League - Realism on the Hudson - 2023 
 American Artists Professional League - 95th Grand National Exhibition - 2023
 Allied Artists of America - Butler Institute of American Art - 2023

Society of Animal Artists - Encounters with the Animal Kingdom - 2023
 Florida Artists Group - Sensations - 73rd Annual Exhibition - 2023 

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 4.34.56 PM.jpeg

Wayne J. Chunat, a retired naturalist and park superintendent, is one of the most versatile artists to ever appear in the wildlife art genre. He is equally at home with watercolors, gouache, acrylics, oils and pencil as well as etchings and sculpture. Since he is virtually self-taught, his techniques are all his own.

His style can vary from fin-and-feather realistic to loose and airy impressions, depending on how he feels he can best portray the animal and its environment. He uses first-hand observations, photography and museum-specimen study to capture the living essence of wildlife. Wayne’s subjects range from birds, reptiles, mammals, wildflowers and ferns to natural landscapes and historic structures.

2009, Wayne was accepted as a signature member of Artists for Conservation, the world’s leading collective of nature artists and an unparalleled pool of artistic talent focused on nature

2015  became a member of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington, DC, the oldest Miniature Art Society in the U.S.


A few sample images of Wayne's art:

Screenshot 2023-11-19 at 12.30.17 PM.jpeg

A few samples of John's art:

See you on Sunday 1/14/24 for the opening reception
3-5pm at our MOTA
1971 Lakeview Dr. Sebring

Clouds Theme Room

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