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Camera Equipment

 TJ Gillespie's Bio.


TJ Gillespie is passionate about explaining the technical concepts of photography so that they are easy to understand. As an instructor of software, he combined those skills with his love for photography to develop classes to teach students how to use a DSLR camera.

He is quick to thank his Aunt Jenny for helping him discover photography at age ten. It was her hobby and TJ became fascinated with her large camera with a removable lens. But it wasn't until he took a photography class in high school that he truly understood her gift to him and what SLR cameras were capable of. He used the camera and lens she gave to him for that class and for many years to follow.

Later he was exposed to digital, and his photography career blossomed. In the early 90’s TJ was at a party where the host took digital photos with his new camera, and everyone immediately viewed it on TV. Before long he bought his own “point-and-shoot” digital camera and upgraded twice over the years. TJ now take photos with a full-frame Nikon D600 camera.

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