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"Circle of Artists—What Do You See?”


Exhibition Dates: Friday, February 25, 2022, through April 5, 2022

The Highlands Museum of the Arts presents the group exhibition and competition, “Lakeland Circle of Artists—What Do You See?” featuring the works of Jean Cormier, Ron Horn, Mark Kilvington, Preston Stafford, and Mary Worsley.


Jean Cormier is inspired by the magnificent creation surrounding us, and it is her passion to draw and paint both the seen and the unseen. Whether drawing or painting realism or abstract, Cormier credits God with her talent and creativity.


Ron Horn paints in both oil and acrylic. His representational style of painting is inspired by the art and design found in everyday, often overlooked, man-made objects. One of his favorite subjects is classic cars. He often depicts his subjects in interesting, closely cropped compositions to encourage others to see art in the simple things that surround us.


Mark Kilvington comes from a background of industrial design, but his true passion is for art and history. His work in acrylic paint, pencil, and ink line brings historical times and characters to life.


Preston Stafford started drawing silly little things around the age of four.  He always had a love for drawing and painting in school. The last fourteen years, he has taught mostly ceramics and pottery at a Lakeland high school. Drawing and painting helped him get through the lonely times when everyone had to stay put because of COVID-19.  He owes everything to GOD's grace and HIS gifts; HE provided Stafford with a gift of awareness and love for art.


Mary Worsley is mostly a portrait artist. She loves to paint faces, from pets and wildlife to people, especially her grandchildren. Occasionally she paints a landscape, but her passion is portraits.

Cormier-Jean_The-Last-Train-To-Nevermore .JPG
Ron Horn's "Art on a Silver Platter"
1st Place
Preston Stafford's "Big Red
3rd Place
Mark Kilvington's "American Iron"
2nd Place
Mark Kilvington - Blue Ridge Tomatoes.JPG
Mary Worsley - Backyard Residents .jpg
Mark Kilvington - Sleeping Amerrica.JPG
Mark Kilvington - Homage to the Pumpkin Man.jpg
Mark Kilvington - artist bio_edited.jpg
Mark Kilvington - Beauty & the Beast_Kilvington.JPG