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Rules and Guidelines


  • Entries must be original to artist and not derived from another Artwork.

  • Maximum size for paintings is 7’ x 7’.

  • Artwork must have been completed in last 3 years, sculpture in last 5 years. 

  • Artist receives 70% of sale price and HAL receives 30%. 

  • Glass is allowed in framed Artwork seven hundred (700) square inches or smaller, otherwise Plexiglas is required on larger pieces.

  • Unframed Artwork is allowed with painted edges.

  • All photographs to be framed under glass or Plexiglas or printed on canvas or metal.

  • All framed Artwork must be wired with wire ends wrapped in tape. Wire should be securely attached to the back of the frame with appropriate hardware, one-third down from frame top.

  • Saw tooth hangers, fishing line or chains will not be accepted.

  • Mats, glass, and Plexiglas need to be clean and free of scratches.

  • Name, address, and phone number must be written on the back of all art. Any entry not meeting these requirements will not be accepted. 

  • No reproductions (prints) except original digital productions are allowed.

  • Artwork must have not won any previous awards in a MOTA exhibition.

  • Artwork weighing over 50 lbs. will be accepted at the discretion of the receiving committee and the artist must be available to assist with placement of the piece the day the work is hung.

  • Artwork may not be removed from exhibition to be sold, shown in another exhibit, or substituted with another piece during the exhibition dates.

  • Maximum of three entries per member artist.

  • Artwork sold will remain in the MOTA Gallery until the published pickup dates.

  • Entry fees are non-refundable.

  • If Artwork is sold during the exhibition the Artist will receive a check of their portion from HAL on the day of pickup.

  • HAL will charge the customer sales tax and submit that to the state.

  • Artwork must be picked up on the designated pick-up dates. 

  • Artists who leave their Artwork at MOTA longer than seven (7) days after the pickup dates will be charged $5 per day per piece. 

  • Highlands Art League, Inc. will do everything possible to protect the Artwork of the artists during the exhibition process, however Highlands Art League, Inc. cannot be responsible for loss or damage. 

  • All Artwork will be hung at the discretion of the Exhibition Committee. 

  • HAL reserves the right to decide how and where the Artwork is presented in the exhibition.

  • Artists will be notified (phone or email) if for any reason their Artwork is not accepted and needs to be picked up.




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