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Street Art

Oil Painting with
Jean Cormier

Session 1: - COMPLETED

Session 2:

6pm-8pm on

Tuesdays-May 7, 14, 21-$75 and ONLY for those who completed Session 1

People Portrait Oil Painting and Animal Oil Painting

Class Description:

This painting class is designed for students previously enrolled in Intermediate Animal Oil Painting class who wish to pursue People Portrait Painting as well as for those who want to continue Animal Painting. 

Returning students may continue their Animal Painting with animal images they provide.  It is suggested that they work on two images during class.  Students will be provided an image by the instructor for People Portrait Painting, and returning students may also bring an animal image while working on the People Portrait painting.

We will continue to learn the various methods of preparing a canvas and accurately transfering images to the painting surface, how to select and use different brushes and use paint mediums as well as layering and glazing, wet-on-wet painting (alla prima/direct painting), and other painting techniques. 

To better understand color mixing and theories and values the students will continue to learn to work with a limited palette of four colors plus white.  Occassionaly an additional color may be introduced by the instructor.  

Students will continue to learn how to evaluate their own paintings as they move through the painting process and how to correct errors.

Students Will Need to Bring:


  1. One roll of paper towels

  2. One soft light colored or white rag

  3. Two clean baby food size glass jars with lids (if possible)

  4. Handful of Q-Tips

  5. Two pieces of stiff cardboard--9” x 12”


Class size:  9


at SAC/Sebring Art Center

1985 Lakeview Dr., Sebring, FL  

To email Jean with questions,
click on the email link:

Session 1 Portrait & Animal April 9, 2024
Jean Cormier Oil Painting - $100

Session 2 Portrait & Animal May 7, 2024
Jean Cormier Oil Painting - $75


Highlands Art League is an equal opportunity organization and will not allow discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.

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