Executive Director – Debbie L Proulx

“I tried working in the corporate world for a month, it was horrible. My heart belongs to nonprofits.” – Debbie L Proulx

Debbie and the love of her life Timmy <3


Debbie comes to us from Massachusetts where she had been working in the nonprofit sector since 2000. She is a wife, mom, and friend who has made it her mission in life to spread love and kindness to all those she meets.

Favorite Color: Her favorite color is navy, though you will see her gravitate towards orange as it was a color her son Christopher was obsessed with.

Why she loves Highlands Art League: “I love HAL because of the wide range of people that it serves… rich, poor, young, old… we have the capabilities to reach them all.” – Debbie L Proulx

Fun Fact: Debbie is afraid of milk touching her

Feel Free To Contact Debbie anytime at ExecutiveDirector@HighlandsArtLeague.org