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 Jean Cormier's Oil Painting Class



For beginning oil painters, we will explore the ways to start a painting, transfer an image accurately, find the correct value scales, choose brushes and use oil paint to achieve your desired results. Each class will feature demonstrations by the instructor that you will use as you paint along. Learn how to use additives in oil paint for effects.  Start painting animal fur without fear and finish up the classes with a completed painting!   The image and other supplies will be provided by instructor.

Students Will Need to Bring:

  1. One roll of paper towels

  2. One soft light colored or white rag

  3. Two clean baby food size glass jars with lids (if possible)

  4. Handful of Q-Tips  

  5. Two pieces of stiff cardboard-approximately 9” x 12”


Class size:   6- 8

Start Date:  Oct. 10, 2023, 6pm-8pm

Duration:     4 weeks, each Tuesday at SAC/Sebring Art Center, 1985 Lakeview Dr., Sebring, FL              

Price:          $100

I want to email Jean with some questions:

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