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Heart's Desire by Adrielle, Epoxy Resin Art

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This Ocean Inspired Wall Art Could be Yours

In 4 consecutive days from 6-8pm you will complete this epoxy resin art work. All materials included, wear play cloths (this can get messy), hair pulled back for those with long hair. Mask is an option. September 11, 12, 13, 14. Deadline to register on our website is August 28. We need a minimum of 12 students for class to make. We know it will, but if it doesn't, you will receive a full refund.



Artist Bio.

Adrielle is the person behind Heart's Desire. Her medium is epoxy resin with geode inspired crystal infused decor.  She grew up doing lots of sketching, drawings and acrylic paintings, but epoxy resin became her new love. Resin art is a form of therapy for Adrielle. She loves walking into her work room and just letting her creativity flow. It is her passion when waking up and going to sleep, it is all she wants to do.  She hopes to inspire & encourage people to create through her work because the possiblities are endless and no two artists or art pieces are ever the same. There are no rules or boundaries when making whatever your heart desires.

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