Curator – Ginger Adelsone

“I began studying art when I was only four years of age, and it has been a passion of mine ever since.”

Ginger Adelstone

At the age of 10, I was painting free hand from pictures in Arizona Highways Magazine and began selling at age 14. At 16 I took fourth place in a High School state competition for a pastel portrait I did of the pop singer Olivia Newton John. At 20 I was earning my living in Pompano Beach, Florida as an artist.

I married at 22, and stopped painting soon after, as I entered into the photography world, in Myrtle Beach, SC, and with my late husband, Bob Wick, we owned Lighthouse Photography in Surfside Beach, SC. We had our studio for 22 years. With over a thousand weddings, hundreds of group photos, sports, and newspaper work, model portfolios….it was a professional working studio. I loved every minute of it. It’s a happy business. Clients come in to hire you, then place their orders. Weddings begat baby pictures, school pictures, reunions, and then the weddings of the kids. It was great.

After Bob died of cancer, a few years later I met and married Leon Adelstone, also a professional photographer. He encouraged me in everything. He loved my art, so I started painting again. I picked up my painting about 6 years ago. Though I am relearning so much, and my passion for art had been rekindled. I went to work for the Carrollwood Cultural Center, which encouraged me to paint more, and where I earned the position of Assistant Gallery Curator, under Nancy Kirkpatrick. Together we brainstormed ideas for events, calendars, and receptions. I assisted in putting the receptions together, did the photography, and scouted for talent everywhere I went.

This led to me volunteering…

I am also in the process training to become a Deacon at my church, St Francis of Assisi in Lake Placid.

Favorite Color: Light Blue

Suprising Fact: Ginger is a trained pilot