Iphoneography for Teens or All Ages: Storytelling Through the Lens

Caroline Maxcy

Caroline Maxcy

We experience the world in its greatest form through stories. In the age of social media, self expression and the never-ending selfie it would be safe to say that we are more than ever dying to tell our own personal story. This 6 week summer course will examine the way in which we are each telling our stories through photography. We will first look at the way we are doing this using the compelling tools tucked right into our back pockets every day. iPhoneography is becoming the medium of choice to capture real, raw, thought provoking and beautiful moments in the most organic and simple way. Whether it be via our instagram grid and the way each photo speaks as an individual and interacts as a whole or through a personal collection of images we will examine the stories we ourselves are currently telling. We will develop ways to better capture an image and how the decisions we make up front in framing, composition and lighting enhance and effect the story being told. We will explore our individual worlds as well as learn how to creatively capture our own unique perspective along the way. Throughout the weeks we will move into more “advanced” tools and composition through demonstrations and hands-on lessons introducing students to the craft and aesthetics of photography as well as enhance their digital skills using the camera. Critiques throughout the six weeks foster confidence, as students discuss their images and reflect upon their progress. By the end of the course, students will have developed a portfolio of prints with accompanying text—telling their summertime stories. The program culminates in a final presentation for family and friend.

Week One: iPhoneography, Instagram and the stories we tell
Week Two: The Self Portrait (a.k.a. the selfie) Re-thought
Week Three: Story Portrait – How to tell someone else’s story
Week Four: Field Trip – Shooting in Action
Week Five: Portfolio Building – How to develop a compelling portfolio of images
Week Six: Final Presentation

Duration: July 2 – August 13
When: Every Thursday afternoon for Teens 4:00pm to 5:00pm or All Ages 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Where: in the Clovelly House (the green building)
Class Price: $130 members / $150 not-yet-members

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